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Concrete Skateparks

Dharambanda Police Station

Esco Bar

May 2019

A 625 sq.m. skatepark built inside the campus of a police station. The skatepark features street and park elements and was designed by Betonlandschaften, Germany.

Read more about this project that I worked on for the Rural Changemakers in my blog section soon.    

Andhra Pradesh

December 2018

A skate spot designed for a bar in Goa keeping in mind the space restrictions and the ambience. The spot now sees many skate events conclude here over skate, dinner and drinks.

Govt. Youth Hostel 

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What people have to say

A sweet little spot right next to the beach. Love the pocket which helps skaters to learn carving. Even though it is small, it has all you need to learn the basics of park and street skating. It is well planned and made with a thought of what’s needed for Goan skaters and for the growing skateboarding scene in India.

Gautham 'Happy' Kamat

Pro Skateboarder

October 2018

A 312 sq.m. skatepark featuring an open bowl and street elements, built in ProtoVillage - an ecologically sustainable and role-model rural community. The skate park was designed by Betonlandschaften​, Germany.

Read more about this project I worked on for the Rural Changemakers in my blog section soon.

January 2018

The home spot for Goa's local skate crew 'SkateLifeGoa'.

The project involved creating an addition of skatepark elements to a pre-existing roller skating rink.

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