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Planning a full-sized skatepark? Or just a mini ramp for your school or backyard?
Take a look at what's possible.

Why build a Skatepark?

Skateparks across the world have proven to be spaces filled with play, excitement, artwork and rich culture.

They provide a positive community space for different age groups to come together and safely practice their skills.

Skateboarding provides physical activity for children and young adults looking for something beyond traditional team sports. Unlike other sports, it has almost no rules and regulations, which leaves a lot of room for creativity and individuality. 

The high energy, Olympic sport pushes skaters to develop their skills and use their creativity to come up with new and interesting tricks, which can be a highly rewarding activity for one’s self-confidence. 

There is also the very obvious ‘cool’ factor that finds so many children and youth gravitate towards skateboarding. 

Skateboarding in India has been around for more than a decade and is slowly gaining massive momentum. Having proper infrastructure is essential to the growth of the sport and its community. Skateparks provide local skateboard, BMX and other roller sports communities the opportunity to grow in numbers and excel at their sport.

Not to forget, the beautiful aesthetic of a skatepark also adds a lot of charm to its environment. 


Design + Consult

Have a space in mind? 

We can prepare a design and look after the construction process of your steel or concrete skatepark. We specialise in Skate Park Design, Planning, and Construction.

Movable setup for events

Looking for a temporary and movable skateboarding set up for your event?

Let us give you some innovative, cost-effective options to choose from.

Skateboarding workshops

Along with the SkateLifeGoa team, we can provide skateboarding workshops

for events and institutions for all ages

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