About Us

Skateable has now come together with Sk8scapes, an Australian skatepark company with over 40 years experience in designing and building skateramps in Australia, China, India and Singapore.


The Sk8scapes team are highly-experienced skateboarders who understand the design and construction of steel, concrete and wooden skateparks. They have designed and built the world’s largest skatepark located in Guangzhou, China.  

Anveer Mehta is a skateboarder from Goa and the founder of skateable.  In 2016, he started working with the award-winning organisation 'Janwaar Castle' in Madhya Pradesh, where skateboarding was used as a medium to bring about social, cultural and economic change in a small village. This was a life-changing experience for him and it showed him the power of 'sports' and 'play' in binding communities. Since then he have been part of some interesting projects involving building skateparks in very unconventional settings in India.

He is also one of the driving forces behind 'SkatelifeGoa' which is Goa's local skateboarding community. 

An explorer by heart, he loves being outdoors and is always ready to get his hands dirty.

Sk8scapes founder, Brad Shaw, is a former Australian skateboard champion and Past President of the National Skateboarders Association of Australia.   


Peter Maruff is an experienced business manager who has created successful service companies throughout the Asian region.  Peter is a certified skate coach and National Member of Skate Australia.

By joining with Sk8scapes, skateable is now the leading skatepark design, construction and service company in India.